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Hearing Seeing Sensing Knowing

In order for me to explain how I became an intuitive, I need to go back in time when I remember it starting. When I was around 9 years old, as I relaxed before falling asleep, I would have visions of people, floating in and out with my eyes closed. The faces I saw were people I didn’t know and was amused as they drifted in and out of sight. The faces weren’t scary or intimidating, but I did wonder who these people were and why I was seeing them? I began to assume that everyone had this experience as they closed their eyes before going to sleep.

I never spoke of it and noticed others never talked about “seeing people” before falling asleep or anything similar. Most likely, I intuitively protected myself from being told I was dreaming and thought it would be best not to say anything. Even as a child, I knew I wasn’t dreaming.

It wasn’t until many years later that I realized maybe this wasn’t something everyone saw. Little did I know there was something called the “3rd eye” that I had been seeing these people with. Keeping these experiences to myself became the norm and knew it wouldn’t be accepted to discuss.

Seeing a spirit was also something that occurred when I was around 9 years old. My sister and I, (closest in age to me) went to stay with our aunt and uncle for several days in the Summer. At night the bedroom door would be left open and the hall light was on in case we woke in the night. One evening I woke up looking at the open door. There was an older woman standing in the doorway with a misty white appearance. Her hair was pulled back in a lower bun and she was wearing a white blouse, dark floor length skirt and an apron. I didn’t know who she was and I shut my eyes instantly in fear. When I was brave enough to open my eyes again, she was standing beside my side of the bed, looking down on me and smiling! It was quite some time before I opened my eyes again, but she was gone and unfortunately, my sister was still sleeping. Talking about this wasn’t something I was comfortable with, never speaking of it but remained puzzled by my experiences.

The visions continued and became more than just faces. My visions became places, people from other places and periods of time, only adding to my confusion. Through my own experiences, I now believe many of the visions I continue having are from many of my past lives that are still buried in my subconscious. I also have visions during readings as well, that help me pass along the messages your team has for you.

In my late teens (or early 20’s) driving to visit one of my sisters I had powerful experience. I was driving near the Mississippi River and as I neared a place called “Black Hawk Park” I was admiring the beauty of the trees, bluffs, rivers and scenic beauty. I remember thinking to myself, “no wonder the Native American’s loved it here.” At that moment, I heard a loud booming voice (as if there was a man sitting next to me with a microphone) state “This is the true heart of the Indian spirit.” My heart was racing and I gripped the steering wheel and had no idea what had just happed. It really got my attention, but once again, there was no one to share it with. Who would believe me? Although that experience itself was startling and scary, it also acts as a profound beautiful memory I will have forever. (I still view that area as very spiritual, due to the history and my experience.)

When I was in my mid-twenties, a friend of mine was a reporter at the local TV station. He had an assignment to do a story/interview at a Spiritualist camp and asked if I’d like to go along for the ride. I wasn’t sure what this was all about, but I went along with no expectations. The woman he interviewed gave him and myself a brief reading. I was very intrigued by her reading because she commented on things should couldn’t have possibly known. After our visit, I was open and intrigued by her gifts, yet still a little skeptical because I didn’t have any validation or answers for my unique experiences.

In my early thirty’s my husband and I had the heartbreaking experience of losing our first child. He was born at twenty-eight- and one-half weeks and lived for 15 days in the NICU. Those 15 days were so incredibly special and I know he is still with us in spirit. (Fortunately, we went on to have a healthy daughter and another son, that arrived 5 weeks early.)

When I was pregnant with our 2nd son, my cousin had a relative coming to her house that did readings and asked if I was interested. During my reading, I was told that I’d be giving readings someday. There were many times over the next twenty years that I thought she must have given me misguided information, because I didn’t see how I could get to that point. Me readings? No… Little did I know how accurate that would be. Simply amazing.

When our deceased son would have been 6 years old, we delivered our crib to our friend’s house that needed one for their upcoming arrival. As we were visiting in their living room, in walked a spirit of a little boy. I knew instantly he was our son! He came to sit in-between us on the couch and seemed a little bored as any child that age might be. Next he sat on the other side of me, but didn’t stay long before he faded away. The days following that experience, it was really hard to think of anything else. When I told my husband about it, he was in shock that I actually saw him. The emotions and the tears of that moment will never be forgotten. His image is burned in my memory forever and it brings tears now. That moment was proof to me, that we are all an energy (or spirit) that never dies. We go to a different place and dimension. Our loved ones are healthy and well in spirit. They can visit us and they view what’s going on in our lives.

These are a few examples of my journey that brought me to explore the spiritual realm. I have been led to it through some very challenging and unique circumstances. At this point, I was certainly open to other people’s gifts, however I doubted my own. It wasn’t until I had a complete breakdown of health and vision…. that I really looked at it. (It’s odd to say “look at it” when that was one of my biggest problems.) Not seeing well made me ask all kinds of questions internally. What am I not seeing? Is there something I can’t or refuse to see? What does this mean for me? What does my future look like? (There’s that word again) Where do I go from here?

In hindsight, I had to go backwards before I could move forward. Gratefully at this time, I am on a new path with a renewed spirit. Even though there are optional surgeries available to fix what previous surgeries didn’t; at this point it would feel like a huge step backwards. Moving forward is where I need to place my attention and energy. I’ve learned and experienced too much to turn back. My new life has been waiting all along. I needed to have that down time to process everything and figure it out.

Would I have been comfortable pursuing the spiritual path any earlier? No. It came when the time was right and I was ready. I enjoy giving readings and blessing others with messages from their angels, guides, loved ones and Mother Earth. Are we meant to know everything? I don’t believe so, but they do speak to us in unique various ways and validate so many wonderful things for you. It’s an honor to relay loving messages to you or confirm your intuitive thoughts, ideas, experiences, hopes or dreams. I don’t always see your loved ones, but sense their presence because I can hear what they want you to know.

My goal is to give validation and encouragement to those who seek it, because I believe we are all intuitive spiritual beings with gifts to share. There were countless times, I was searching for validation due to my own experiences. Continually asking myself; What did that mean? Was that more than coincidence? Was that event or situation meant to be? Was that an intuitive message I just received? Did I see a spirit? Was I meant to overhear that conversation or run into that person today?

Thankfully, there are wonderful and different ways for all of us to share out gifts. We all choose to share our gifts differently because we resonate with different methods of searching or finding our true self. The way we share our gifts makes each of us unique and important.

For whatever reason, I didn’t follow a direct path to find my purpose. I continue to have powerful messages in all areas of seeing, hearing, sensing and knowing. It’s the powerful events from my early years that made me realize there was far more to our physical world, than we know.

I couldn’t un-see or un-hear profound events from my life and my journey continues with wonder. I can only assume that it was necessary for me to have other experiences before finding this portion of my life. The aha moments came when I was meant to have them. Everyone has a story to tell and now you know more of mine.

Copyright 8/2019

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