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Did You Know?

Did you know that I start every reading with a personal channeled Mother Earth message?

I LOVE the look on people's faces (or their reaction in their voice) when I deliver their unique and personal message! The Mother Earth messages are PROTECTIVE of you and your energy. Usually, the message correlates with a current situation you need clarity regarding!

It's a beautiful pathway to open the door for your psychic/mediumship reading, and it lets you know that I'm picking up on your energy!

The Mother Earth messages flow just as easily if I'm providing a phone or email reading!

We're all a part of this beautiful earth, and Mother Earth knows you well! She is protective of you and your energy, and I'm honored to be the messenger!

If you'd like a psychic mediumship reading, follow my Intuitive Annette Facebook page for in-person Pop-Up Events or schedule your phone, photo or email reading on my website.

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