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Mother Earth Channeling – Why Today Makes a Difference


Sometimes I channel information from my Angels, Guides or Mother Earth and the information I receive is meant to be shared. I have felt Mother Earth’s tone become a little more direct recently, and I am honored to be her messenger. (This also serves as a reminder to myself to take her/their words to heart, as they have a much broader perspective than anyone in human form. I also focus on the words they want to share and this may not have perfect grammar or punctuation.)

There is radical change upon us and humans are changing at a radical pace. Do you feel as though you are struggling through this period of change? If you are, know that all are experiencing this on a collective level. However, the large overall picture cannot be ignored. This massive shift in time is meant to awaken your own intuition. You may have sudden or profound realizations on what to do next, how to help someone or have a complete change of heart regarding a certain subjects or current events.

Let yourself “feel” what is right for you. There may never be a time when everyone can agree on everything, but something we need to stand for is compassion. Being a good human being is compassionate. I really struggle when I watch someone intentionally injuring another or intentionally defacing/ruining objects or property that isn’t theirs. They are disempowering those they “assume” are unlike them.

On a global scale, there are many energetic forces trying to impose their way and their opinions as “the only way.” Unfortunately, they are being disloyal to their own higher power or intuition. When you give someone enough room to listen to your viewpoints and allow them to accept or decline them…this is showing compassion. Being your own authority and choosing your belief system is very empowering. If you choose to manipulate others to think as you do by pointing fingers, belittling or shaming them; you are not much better than those who resort to violence.

Deflate and diffuse emotional conversations by expressing that you appreciate having them in your life. This doesn’t mean you (and your loved ones) have to have identical thoughts and beliefs on everything. Accept your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers as they are and if they are open minded enough to do the same, this will feel like a balanced relationship. If someone wants to force you into a conversation you don’t desire to have or force you to hold the same beliefs; I highly recommend removing yourself from their presence entirely. We are at a point in time where this will feel toxic to you, if balanced relationships aren’t respected.

I bring this information through Annette today as a new way of looking at yourself and judging YOU, instead of looking at others and judging them. Realize wherever an individual is at in this period of time, (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, politically) …is a product of their life and their experiences. Don’t judge them for their unique life experiences. You didn’t live their life and they didn’t live yours. While some wounds are visible, many are not and most everyone is doing their best within their circumstances.

Seething with anger towards those you disagree with will affect you and your body, far more than them. You are doing a disservice to yourself… and your body has to decide what to do with the anger. Being kind to yourself every day, will encourage you to feel kindness and generosity towards others. It starts with you… not someone else. Take the initiative to be kind to yourself and those you interact with. It’s a small step to shift our perspective towards positivity.

You don’t have to understand why others view things the way they do. It’s not your job to change them either. Live your life according to your desires and allow others the same freedom. If more and more people could practice this, they may feel better about themselves and reduce the overall tension on our planet. I only want the best for all; but it’s getting more and more difficult to ignore the violence taking place, by those who supposedly honor me.

Please do your best not to waste precious resources and enjoy the beauty surrounding you. I am here for you to enjoy your life and want you to live it to the fullest. Help yourself live life to the fullest and help those who can’t.

Small and ever so gentle expressions of kindness can ripple throughout humanity. Let it be you reading these words, that will accept the challenge of being kind to yourself… and the rest will follow.

Lovingly channeled by Intuitive Annette

Copyright 11/23/2020

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