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Where Are All These Changes Taking Us?

Channeled Updates from Mother Earth 5/13/2020

In order to get to a new way of being and a new way of living, we must first go through some unfortunate (or uncomfortable) experiences so we are willing to make changes. (That we might not have considered earlier.) It could be a move that didn't feel right before - a job change you wouldn’t have considered earlier - a relationship that is no longer working or a new relationship that now seems to fit - sense of courage within yourself, you previously admired in others - faith or deep knowing that you are safe to explore whatever your heart desires and a knowing your intuition is truly nudging/speaking to you and only wants the best for you.

All profound changes that occur (that aren’t within our control), nudges us to look at changes we do have control over. I’m encouraging you to immerse yourself in some of the daily tasks you previously forced yourself to complete. Sometimes those tasks can mean comfort and contentment that others don’t have. Such as; a washer/dryer or access to them - washing your dishes in a sink of hot soapy water – cooking a meal for your family and going grocery shopping. Many find these tasks as mundane and wish we didn’t have to do them. Others without access to a washer/dryer, an oven/stove, hot soapy water and access to groceries would think they are rich beyond belief. It is my hope that you don’t take these comforts for granted. Many throughout our world would not understand anyone complaining about having such an abundance of resources, to make their lives easier.

This is NOT to make anyone feel guilty or unworthy of having these resources. I am asking you to feel gratitude for what you have. Many are accustomed to conveniences that may not always be plentiful. Instead of panicking in fear; if you’re unable to have everything the way you’ve always had it, know you will survive. Be the person to help or be of encouragement to others. The world won’t be going back to our old way of living. We need to move forward, knowing the ways of the world is changing and we must change with it.

This might mean having to do without some of the conveniences you’ve always had. It might be a short disruption or a lengthy one, but I’m encouraging everyone to have the best attitude you can and be as self-reliant as you can. Do what you can to help yourself, friends, family and neighbors to be resourceful with what you/they have. Repair something instead of replacing it. Paint, repurpose items or donate what you no longer use to help someone else. Grow extra fruits/vegetables for yourself and others. (Learn to freeze or can the extras.)

If all of this sounds “old school” to you well…It is! I’m encouraging you to re-use and re-purpose all that you can. Many items you are used to having access to, may become more and more difficult to obtain. Disruptions in family finances, food supply and all items in our supply chain will be disrupted at one time or another. Bartering or trading will be resurging and accepted, as a method of necessity. Many families will have to make do with 1 vehicle, knowing that 2 or more may not be manageable. (Of course this depends on your individual situation.)

If you panic because your life isn’t as good as it used to be or if this is uncomfortable to you; please know that others are focusing on many of the same things you are. They are brainstorming how to save more, spend less and adjusting to their new circumstances, just like you. People from all walks of life will be affected at one time or another.

This change in our history, changes how humanity moves forward. Do the best you can on a daily basis. Be gentle with yourself as profound changes are not easy! You’re not expected to sail through the next several years with a continuous positive and glorious attitude. Some days will suck…plain and simple! If you feel like pouting, crying, screaming or having a tantrum…know you can. It might make you feel better! Please don’t take your anger or bitterness out on those that don’t deserve it. Release your pent-up energy in a way that you choose, knowing tomorrow is another day and you will make it through that one too.

You get to choose how to handle upcoming changes you may be going through. Attempting to handle what comes your way with a gracious attitude, will make it easier on yourself. If you choose to let everything be a burden, the road ahead will be quite uncomfortable. Grace and dignity can be yours when going through changes and I’m hoping you’ll try to heed these words. I am giving you a “heads up” of profound changes ahead, with many more to come.

What’s old is new and what’s new is old. If you choose to fix or repair something you may have previously thrown away; you’ll have a sense of pride and accomplishment. Fixing and repairing does need to be re-surged again for the good of all. Many fix-it/repair/creative types of people will be in demand and greatly respected for their talent and skills. If you have a skill that can be traded, this will be to your benefit. It’s never too late to learn a skill you’d find useful. You may be able to turn your skills into a full-time, part-time or side job. Common sense and being practical will be revered as well, as we are forced to do with less. Our ancestors before us were willing to make sacrifices and learned along the way. It’s been done before and now is the time to do this again.

Citizens of the earth (Mother Earth included) are going through profound and abrupt changes that may be painful. We can all come out of these changes stronger and more resilient because of it and I send you my love. However; I’m also asking for love, peace and prayers for humanity as the ripple of changes affect our world, in the years to come. Enjoy the little things because they really are the big things.

Be well,

Mother Earth

Copyright 5/13/2020

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