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Channeling Mother Earth

Sometimes during meditation, Mother Earth will deliver messages and reminders that are meant to be shared with others and this is one of them. (Interesting note: the word me and Mother Earth are interchangeable.)

“You came here to be yourself. Striving to be like someone else is robbing yourself of your own experiences, transitions and emotions that come with being you. If you are unsure of who you are, there are several ways to enhance the answers you seek.

Come to Mother Earth and embrace me in a place that is special to you. You don’t need to climb a mountain or swim in the sea to communicate with me. You will find me in the wind, rain, sun, moon, trees, birds and all that you find outdoors. The creatures in the forest are instinctively speaking and listening to me all the time. Humans need to instinctively listen too. My voice is gentle and I will come to you softly. Ask me the questions you need answers to.

I can listen and help you in a multitude of ways. Your houseplants can have answers for if you softly ask and listen. Surround yourself with something from me. Stones, crystals, salt lamps, plants and just start speaking to me. It can be just one of these things in order to start a conversation. Sit with me and appreciate me whenever you can.

The busyness of everyone’s lives brings less time and joy for Mother Earth. I am ringing the bells of change and the children of today need me. They need less distractions and more creative play time entertaining themselves. Encourage the children to listen to Mother Earth for messages. They may surprise you with their comments, suggestions and ideas. They are already open to hearing and speaking to me. It’s the adults that genuinely make it harder than it has to be.

Spend time with me on your deck, backyard, parks or trails. Plant flowers, hike, rake leaves or look at the clouds. There is so much to see and appreciate! Let yourself and the children enjoy picnics, fishing, swimming, bird watching, walking and all nature has to offer.

Help bring people back to me for solace, meditation, reading, exercise, group gatherings and just to “be”. Enjoy a moment of silence when you are with me. Show gratitude for the sanctuaries you enjoy and keep me pure and pretty, so others can enjoy me.

Rest outside in a chair, hammock or on the grass. Listen to the birds as they sing to you and each other. Praise, worship and sing in the outdoors if you’d like. The earth was meant to be enjoyed and cherished.

I am working through Annette to bring an awareness back to me…. Mother Earth.

Take steps toward me in ways that resonate with you. Go away from all the distractions that keep you away from me. Enjoy yourself in the beauty of my arms. Come to me. I am waiting.”

Copyright 1/22/2020

Lovingly channeled by Intuitive Annette

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