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What is the Point of a Pandemic?


(Personal note: As I sat with my Mother in the Emergency Room to determine the cause of her medical symptoms that were not Corona Virus related, I kept hearing the phrase; What is the point of a Pandemic? I thought…really? A message now? As my Mom peacefully slept; I sat and listened to the words of Mother Earth, that were meant to be shared with you.)

Many people are too far removed from what’s truly important. Some practice appreciation and gratitude while others expect more, more and more to the point it’s never enough. It has to end somewhere and now is the time of great change.

I want you to clearly see that the earth could not and would not continue as it was. Everyone needs to do more with less and practice or adopt measures your parents, grandparents and the elderly generation used to. They have wise words if only you will listen.

We are at a time of great change and you need to change with it. Why…you ask? Citizens of the globe need to take this pandemic as a sign to conserve what you have and help those in need, if you can. It’s that simple. Societies’ ways of producing, consuming, buying and throwing just isn’t going to cut it anymore. I am urging caution, necessary spending only and refrain from waste. Use any and all resources at your disposal. Yes, these are practical and much needed suggestions however, many need to be reminded that global crises emit as a wake-up call to humanity.

Do your part to save, conserve and take better care of yourselves and others the best you can. Many will choose to leave the earth at this time and this was a part of the plan they chose before coming to earth. The remaining citizens need to band together, stop finger pointing who is to blame and deal with your individual situation the best you can.

I am choosing to speak frankly and bluntly through Annette in order to reach others. You don’t have to follow this advice; but if you do, you’ll feel as though you are trying and doing your best.

I am urging all, to do what you can to be a good citizen of the earth. You may also find yourself moving, taking in roommates sharing items of necessity and saying to yourself, “I never envisioned myself doing this.” Think outside the box for strategies to help yourself and others.

Mother Earth is not an imaginary figure to refer to, when you are in nature or the place you reside. I am a living, breathing energy that is ringing the bell of change!

More information to come, as I think necessary. My harsh tone is necessary at this time and more information will flow through Annette and others I am working with, to incorporate changes. Love and honor me the best way you can. I will feel it, as attitudes and changes are being made.

Channeled by Intuitive Annette via Mother Earth.

Copyright 4/6/20210

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