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Mother Earth Channeled Message and Horoscopes

Mother Earth Channeling Regarding Current Times

Bonus: Mother Earth Horoscope Updates


(On a personal note; I’ve noticed that Mother Earth is taking a more direct approach to gently guide those who seek readings with me. Some messages are meant for me and others are for the public. This blog (and future blog posts on my website) is my way of giving back and helping those that resonate with this. More to come!)

You all came here at this time in history to witness profound changes within our society and humanity. Many of you have realized that the continuous cycle of more, more, more, would not and could not last forever.

Stop placing blame on specific groups or types of individuals, as it will take longer to heal our planet as we re-set our priorities. As time goes on, you will see the solution to our problem isn’t always more of something. Sometimes it’s less. Less judging, blaming, fighting, buying and consuming. The only thing we need more of is kindness, patience and a love of ourselves and each other.

What I’d like you to think about is trust. Trust that the current situation can and will get better. Trust if you have to make small or profound changes in your life, that these changes are for your highest good. They may not seem comfortable at first and you may resent having to make changes at all.

It isn’t expected that everyone will smile through the changes, but know good things will come out of it. Every situation will be different and handling your situation as best you can, will help others do the same. This is a time for friends and family to unite and become stronger. If some of your relationships are fractured or broken, find comfort with the family or friends you resonate with the most. Brainstorm ways of helping each other. It may involve living together out of necessity or watching someone’s children, sharing a meal, laundry facilities and much more. Find ways to unite and become stronger over tearing each other apart.

Many good things can and will come from making sacrifices at this time. This as you know…is not an ordinary time in history. We are preparing for great change in the food we consume, the way we treat each other and doing more with less. Our ancestors were forced to be frugal and quite resourceful. (It’s never too late to learn from the elderly generation, how they make it through tough times.)

The changes humanity needs to make doesn’t involve more things. It requires sacrifice, hard work, patience and an abundance of trust. Trust you are here for a purpose and your individual situation can and will get better. It may not be overnight or look as you expected it to be.

Carry on with inner strength and the knowing this current situation could be leading you to your purpose or away from a change you weren’t willing to make. Above all, treat yourself with love each and every day. Many things are beyond your control at this time and each day is a gift. Love yourself, love each other and take it day by day. Enjoy fresh air and the earth beneath your feet. Be thankful for what you have and please help others when you can.

Mother Earth Horoscope Information

(For the next 3 months if not longer.)

Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo

Significance for the Earth signs may be a little unexpected. There will be a child who needs you greatly. You are the nurturers and have a great capacity for taking others under your wing. Should the opportunity to help your own child/children or someone else’s, don’t hesitate to step forward and offer what you can. If you can make a difference for 1 person at this time, the impact is huge.

Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Now is the time for you to shine. Put your best self out there for others to see. There are some unique opportunities coming to you and you need to be ready. Don’t talk yourself out of something that may be outside of the box. It may be just what you are looking for. (This opportunity could be close to home if not within your home.)

Air Signs: Gemini Libra, Aquarius

Advice for this sign may be a bit unusual. Stop living in the past over things that can’t be changed. You need to be fully present in order to be your best self. Try to forgive yourself and others and put past issues in the past. Your current situation requires trust, patience and your full attention so we can nudge you each and every day. You also need to be present for the people who rely on you as you are the ones who “go with the flow, the best.”

Fire Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

If you find yourself with a broken heart and wonder what happened? Now was not the time for that love. Your attention needs to be focused on love for yourself, family and how you can make it better. No need to kick yourself for something you did or didn’t do. The universe has a way of ending things that weren’t meant to last forever. Move on and rebuild your life to make it stronger, as you have many things to achieve.

Copyright 4/2/2020

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