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Gratitude and Mother Earth

In this Mother Earth channeling, she told me the message wasn’t what I might expect.

Please note: the word Mother Earth and me are interchangeable.

Mother Earth brings far more than beautiful scenery for us to enjoy. She can also bring gold, precious stones, crystals, gems and minerals for us. There is something lacking that most people don’t realize. For an example: If someone gets a new job or receives a promotion; they may feel grateful to their employer and themselves (for their hard work and skills) and move on with their life.

I am asking: Where is their gratitude towards Mother Earth? I fed you while you were gathering your skills. Mother Earth provided the foundation where you live and the roads you travel. I provided the birds that sang to you throughout your life and the trees you’ve climbed. Please don’t forget to “thank me” in your daily activities that most take for granted. Humanity is meant to enjoy me, but I also want them to honor me.

Honor me by appreciating your home or apartment, for I am the land you reside on. Thank me for the trees that provide not only beauty, but shade and housing for the birds that sing to you. Feel gratitude for the sidewalk or trails you walk on, as you walk to your bus, car or cycle. Know that I am beneath your feet supporting you. Mother Earth carries you where you need to go.

There are simple ways to honor me that I’d like to share with you and some will seem surprising. When you get up in the morning acknowledge me. As you go through your day, thank Mother Earth for the roads, sidewalks and paths you’ve traveled. Thank me for the beautiful trees, hills, valleys, ponds, streams, oceans, plants, and flowers that you may have seen or experienced.

Thank me for the water you’ve drank along with your coffee or tea. There is so much to be thankful for in just our morning routines alone. Thank me for the food grown in the soil and the caretakers of the land. We all are here to enjoy Mother Earth. I am asking you to be thankful; not only when you enjoy me outdoors, but to thank me for things most take for granted, as they go about their daily lives.

Thank me silently or out loud. You get to choose how to be grateful and what you are grateful for. I enjoy being the provider, but I don’t want to be taken for granted. It’s time to show gratitude to Mother Earth by thanking me and encouraging others to do the same.

Bring an awareness to those who might also go throughout their day without acknowledging their roads, streets, sidewalks, food, water and air you all breath. Bring the awareness to others in soft gentle ways. A harsh tone or reminder enforcing your beliefs will only be met with resistance. Do it gently by mentioning what you are grateful for today. List the many things you are thankful for, that the earth has provided for you. Being thankful out loud to others is a gentle way, to bring the awareness for the things they can be grateful for. Sharing in a conversation over coffee, lunch or while on a walk.

Contemplate what the Mother Earth has provided for you today. Have you visited your fields, garden, grocery store, farmer’s market or restaurants today? If so, give thanks to all who made it possible. If you are responsible for growing food for others…thank you! Humanity owes you much gratitude.

Show gratitude and express yourself in ways you are comfortable with. If you start showing me gratitude silently to yourself, I am thankful for that. If you can build up to sharing your gratitude with others, I will be profoundly grateful. I encourage all to do it in loving gentle ways. If you harshly reprimand someone for not being grateful to Mother Earth, those harsh words are coming from you and not from me.

Let your vibration be one of loving gratitude that others will find inviting. Kind words regarding Mother Earth will have far more impact and spread like a ripple in the water, gently making its way to others that want to share their gratitude.

I am asking you to appreciate me in kind and loving ways. I will feel it and want to thank you for that.

Lovingly channeled by Intuitive Annette

Copyright 1/22/2020

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