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Can Mother Earth Really Talk to us?

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

Before sharing with you my experience with spiritual energy, I want to explain Mother Earth's energy and how I receive it. It's hard to describe how I became an intuitive channel for the spirit realm and for Mother Earth. It began with a slow-moving development of my connection with Mother Earth and my intuitive abilities. I believe we all choose our angels and guides to be with us and to guide us throughout our lifetimes. I started meditating frequently using guided meditations, or I would meditate on my own with music playing softly. I was always fascinated by the intuitive psychic abilities of others, and thought it would be great if I could develop more intuition and understanding of my own life. I thought it would be even better if I could answer questions regarding my profound visions, messages, strange synchronistic events, powerful dreams, spirit sightings etc.

Following a diagnosis of thyroid eye disease, I struggled with many symptoms: protruding eyes, blurry and double vision, intense light sensitivity, depth perception issues and much more. My meditation practices took a step back while I grieved. I grieved the loss of a job; I could no longer perform. I grieved the loss of income, social connections, self-confidence, and my ability to contribute to society and to my family. Not feeling well and having trouble seeing kept me from socializing. I didn’t want to be seen. I felt like everything about me had changed.

Questions haunted me...”Did I have to come to a point of complete surrender before opening up further to my angels and guides? Did I have to be that broken to open the door further to my intuition, and all that came with it?” Apparently so.

My journey has not been easy. After two eye surgeries, my eyes aren’t as protruded, but my vision still isn’t what I was hoping for. I still have double vision, depth perception issues, and more. However, I knew I couldn’t stay in a place of anger, grief, and frustration. I had to find ways to deal with it because I knew I had more things to do and to accomplish.

I am here to start over professionally and to claim my intuition and psychic abilities. It’s important for me to take my challenges (and abilities) by the horns and to help not only myself, but others as well. While it would be amazing to have acceptance and validation from everyone believing in what I do, I don’t expect that. Despite that, I'm ready to forge ahead anyway.

While in the grieving process, I started being grateful for what I did have. My husband, children, family, friends and our home. I started to silently thank Mother Earth for the tea I drank every morning. I thanked her for the water and for the tea itself. Without her I would have neither. I also craved to start my morning with fruit, so I thanked her for that every morning. I also thanked Mother Earth for the rest of the food I ate that day and acknowledged, that I had been taking so much for granted.

One of the first times I really felt I had a wake-up call or a message from Mother Earth came to me in the form of a dream. My deceased grandmother (who passed away many years ago) came to me while I was sitting at a table inside of a house. There were other family members at the table as well. My grandmother came in the door and took a seat at the table. I remember being shocked at her presence. I remember thinking, “How can she still be living?” After sitting at the table, she proceeded to give me something that looked good to eat. I took a bite and realized I was eating dirt! Why would she would give me something to eat that tasted like dirt? Then she gave a branch with leaves on it that had been sitting in the middle of the table. She indicated I should eat it as well. I was still confused by her appearance there. Where was my mother? (While I have fond memories of my grandmother, I never really felt she held a special place in her heart for me.) I was quite confused. I thought of the dream often and really felt it was both a Grandmother and Mother Earth visitation. I felt they were telling me to “eat from the earth”. I was already incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my diet and assumed I was on the right track.

Another message that I believe came from Mother Earth was in the form of a vision. Before drifting off to sleep I had a vision of myself driving down a country road lined with trees. As the car came to a stop, I was guided to look at the trees. Then I plainly heard a soft voice say to me, “All of the trees in your yard want names”. I thought that was really neat, so the next morning I proceeded to name all five of our trees. What could it hurt? I would address them silently most every day.

Many months later on a sleepless night, I decided to get up and do a meditation. (By the way, this can be very powerful.) During my meditation, I acknowledged the trees in our yard and thanked them for being with us. Then I received a message from the trees! They gave me a name suggestion for our next tree. (We didn’t plan on adding any new trees to our yard). They gave me the name of Trina. I didn't get it at first and then they said, “you know….. Tree-na.” Then I got it! I chuckled and noted; you guys are clever! We now have a tiny apple tree named Treena.

I continue to think about that dream (or visitation) and many other experiences. Many believe that God is an energy within all of us. I believe the same can be said about Mother Earth. We are all a part of Mother Earth. Why wouldn’t she have messages for us?

These are just a few events that can help you understand why I had questions, and why I felt they needed to be answered. I was intrigued by a local psychic medium (Melissa Divine) who was offering a mentorship class. I had never seen her in person or received a reading from her. Somehow, I knew she was the real deal and was led to take her class. It took courage for me to sign up and to participate. I still didn't feel like myself, but knew I couldn't let the opportunity pass me by. I’m very thankful for not only my mentor, but also for my classmates. We all had questions about the spiritual realm in common.

My mentor guided me through many unanswered questions and clarified the new emerging voices and experiences that were beyond the physical realm. She also suggested we journal our meditations. Thank goodness I followed her advice because this is when I realized I was channeling information from my angels, guides, loved ones, and Mother Earth. I read my journal entries many days later being struck by the profound knowledge and beautiful, loving messages that came through during my meditations.

During one specific meditation, I started abbreviating the word Mother Earth to say m/e. Then I noticed (or Mother Earth wisely pointed out) that most every sentence where the word “me” is used; it also fits to say Mother Earth instead. I was really struck by that and tried it in several sentences. In the following sentences, use Mother Earth instead of me. Me, myself and I. I just want you to understand me. Want to go for a walk with me? Plant some flowers with me. I notice this frequently now when I see the word me. The sentence seems to have a different energy when Mother Earth is used.

There is more for me to do in this world. The challenges I faced were not the end of the road for me. I have more to accomplish and realize now I’m only at the beginning, the beginning of a journey where I am excited and encouraged to be me. I know that Mother Earth is working through me to help others think about her differently than they might now. Mother Earth has also told me: “As others hear the words of Mother Earth, they will intuitively take better care of themselves and the environment.”

I believe many people are being called in a multitude of ways, to bring an awareness to Mother Earth at this time. Her messages aren’t always what you might expect and that’s what I love about this journey. The beautiful unexpected loving words from your Angels, Guides, Loved Ones and Mother Earth are richly rewarding to deliver.

I’m honored to feel the love and devotion they have for you. Our journeys don’t always take us where we want to go and we may not choose how we get there. I know I’ve been led to the spiritual realm to help not only myself, but I am here to share my gifts with you.

"Copyright" 7/2019 by Intuitive Annette

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21 juil. 2019

Thank you for sharing your journey, look forward to hearing more !

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